Thursday, August 3, 2017

Drama CD Translation - Love Live! Sunshine!! Duo Trio CD Vol. 1

It's a drama CD translation. I guess I'm posting those here now.

01 - The Ivories of the Southern Sky, Chika and Kanan
02 - The Dazzling Lights of the Western Sky, Ruby and Dia
03 - The Hazards of the Eastern Sky, You and Yoshiko
04 - In the Distant Reaches of the Northern Sky, Riko and Mari and Hanamaru and...

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

School Idol Diary - Yoshiko / Hanamaru / Ruby

Love Live! Sunshine!! School Idol Diary: Yoshiko / Hanamaru /  Ruby: Aqours' Sea Side Diary

Just finished translating this, the short novel included with Volume 3 of the Sunshine Blu Rays. I'm like a month late on this because scans only went up earlier this week. Anyway, enjoy and stuff.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

School Idol Diaries

I decided to go translate the short novel that came with the first Sunshine Blu-Ray. You can find it here:

School Idol Diary: Chika / Riko / You

Also, a sample of the next diary went up on the Love Live website, so I translated that for now as well:
1/04/2016: This is fully translated now.
School Idol Diary: Yoshiko / Hanamaru / Ruby (Sample) 

List of my School Idol Diary translations:

µ’s (Full)
School Idol Diary: Maki
School Idol Diary: Nozomi
School Idol Diary: Nico (Text only, quality may be a bit questionable). PDF version, with pictures and everything, here.

µ’s (Partial)
School Idol Diary: Umi (Chapter 7 only)
School Idol Diary: Eli (Chapter 5 Only)

School Idol Diary: Chika / Riko /  You
School Idol Diary: Yoshiko / Hanamaru / Ruby - Added 1/04/2017
School Idol Diary: Kanan / Dia / Mari - Added 12/21/2016, completed 3/10/2017
School Idol Diary: Summer Splash (Completed 5/8/2017)