Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Love Live! Sunshine!! Manga - Chapter 14A

I was only planning on doing a few pages of this, but then I realized that was like 90% of the chapter because this one is really short, so I might as well finish it. First-years are cute.


Love Live! Sunshine!! Saitama Concert Intermission Dramas

Translated the two drama videos from the Saitama concert. They can be found in this mediafire folder.

In other drama-related news, the dramas from the Step! Zero to One concert are now available in higher quality as well. You can get them here.

School Idol Diary: Eli Ayase

The full translation for Eli's School Idol Diary is now available on Google Docs. This was done as a commission.

My other School Idol Diary translations are collected here.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Drama CD Translation - Love Live! Sunshine!! Duo Trio CD Vol. 1

It's a drama CD translation. I guess I'm posting those here now.

01 - The Ivories of the Southern Sky, Chika and Kanan
02 - The Dazzling Lights of the Western Sky, Ruby and Dia
03 - The Hazards of the Eastern Sky, You and Yoshiko
04 - In the Distant Reaches of the Northern Sky, Riko and Mari and Hanamaru and...

Download on Mediafire