Wednesday, February 21, 2018

School Idol Diary Picture Book Sample: Dia Is a Big Sister

A sample of the picture book that comes with the limited edition BD for Love Live Sunshine S2 Vol. 4. Click the images to enlarge.

Friday, December 29, 2017

School Idol Diary: Honoka Kousaka

I'm translating Honoka's School Idol Diary now.

Read on Google Docs
Progress: 1/7 chapters translated as of 12/29/2017
3/7 chapters translated as of 2/21/2018

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Love Live! Sunshine!! Manga - Chapter 14A

I was only planning on doing a few pages of this, but then I realized that was like 90% of the chapter because this one is really short, so I might as well finish it. First-years are cute.


Love Live! Sunshine!! Saitama Concert Intermission Dramas

Translated the two drama videos from the Saitama concert. They can be found in this mediafire folder.

In other drama-related news, the dramas from the Step! Zero to One concert are now available in higher quality as well. You can get them here.

School Idol Diary: Eli Ayase

The full translation for Eli's School Idol Diary is now available on Google Docs. This was done as a commission.

My other School Idol Diary translations are collected here.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Drama CD Translation - Love Live! Sunshine!! Duo Trio CD Vol. 1

It's a drama CD translation. I guess I'm posting those here now.

01 - The Ivories of the Southern Sky, Chika and Kanan
02 - The Dazzling Lights of the Western Sky, Ruby and Dia
03 - The Hazards of the Eastern Sky, You and Yoshiko
04 - In the Distant Reaches of the Northern Sky, Riko and Mari and Hanamaru and...

Download on Mediafire